Videos for all Kent State users

Uploading Media to your Kaltura Account

In this video tutorial you will learn how to get your media to your Kaltura Account.
(If you are using Kaltura Capture to record your video, you will NOT need this extra step of uploading.)
Please note that adding YouTube videos is not supported currently in the 'My Media' page.

How to use My Media

Watch this video to understand how to use the My Media tool in Kaltura.

Editing Uploaded Media

Learn how to use the editing tool for uploaded media.

Edit a Playlist

Playlists are ideal if you have multiple videos that you want your viewers to watch concurrently.

Create a Channel

Channels are a collection of videos that can be public or restricted in terms of who can view and contribute media to the channel. Please note, creating a channel is NOT necessary to share videos.

Using Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture (or Personal Capture), is the native recording tool for Kaltura users. This video will demonstrate how to get started using the tool.

Installing Kaltura Capture

Getting started with Kaltura Capture begins with its installation, this video will guide you through the steps of a successful install.

How to take an IVQ (Interactive Video Quiz)

An instructor may had questions or other interactive prompts to videos, watch this tutorial to learn how to take a video quiz.

Videos for Kent State faculty/staff

How to create an IVQ (Interactive Video Quiz)

Using the editor tool, instructors can create quizzes directly in a video, watch this tutorial to find out how and its benefits.

Using videos in Canvas

Videos in online teaching environments have become essential, this tutorial will show you how to best utilize Kaltura’s tools with Canvas.

Know who is watching your course videos

Kaltura provides an analytics function to allow a video owner to see who is watching their videos, giving you better insight to impact of your course video materials. Watch this tutorial to learn how it works.