Kent State University's cloud-based video platform

powered by Kaltura, has in-depth features and seamless integration with Kent State University's course management system that benefit both faculty and students alike. This platform also gives users access to a recording tool, Kaltura Capture, which allows users to record audio, video, and screen captures with ease.


Store, play, and utilize online media.

Kaltura Overview

Upload and organize videos in your My Media space. Adjust settings, and explore features such as chapters, collaborators, and statistics.

Kaltura for Mobile Apps

Kaltura MediaSpace Go™ is a mobile app available for iOS and Android, providing all the functionality of the video portal.

Kaltura REACH

Kaltura REACH uses automated speech recognition (ASR) to recognize words spoken in your video and provide machine-based captions for your video.

Kaltura Recording Tools

Record audio, video, and screen captures with ease.

Kaltura Capture Overview

Use Kaltura Capture to record presentations, lectures, screen captures, and podcasts; upload Kaltura Capture recordings to Blackboard.

Screen Capturing

Use Kaltura Capture SCREEN to record course overviews, on-screen tutorials, elaborative feedback, and more!

Voice Recording

Use Kaltura Capture VOICE tool to audio-only podcasts for brief module introductions, and course announcements.

Express Capture

Use Express Capture for quick audio and video recordings that can be done right from your browser.

Faculty Workshops

Kent State Online offers a variety of in-person presentations and workshops, webinars, and self-paced online workshops that support and extend the Kent State Online Framework for designing, developing, and teaching high quality online courses.

Sessions are available to all university faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and staff, and can also be requested for any college, campus, or unit.

View Sessions and Register

View regularly scheduled sessions or request a session from Kent State Online's Workshop Catalog for your department, college, or campus.

Online Teaching Listserv

Sign-up for the Online Teaching Listserv to be notified when new sessions are available. Our listserv includes news, resources, tips, and best practices for online instructors.

Technical Support

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Online registration for various workshops pertaining to Kaltura can be accessed here.

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