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Entering Plan Results, Findings, Actions and Outcome Analysis

This Planning & Self-Study video entails how to enter results, findings, actions and how to analyze an outcome in an assessment plan year. This is a longer video but check out the chapter…

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Managing Measures in PSS (after starting an Assessment Plan Report)

After selecting the Outcomes that the Organization will assess in the Plan (on previous video, Assessment Plan), the next step is to enter the Measures used to assess each Outcome. There are three…

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Assessment Reporting Process in PSS (after reviewing Mission Statement and Outcomes)

After reviewing mission statements and learning outcomes in PSS, Leads are ready to begin the annual assessment reporting process in PSS. An academic year's assessment plan needs to be opened by…

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Editing and Revising Existing Outcomes PSS

If your program’s outcomes transferred from Taskstream, or this is a few years after PSS was implemented, review this video to edit an organization’s existing outcome set. Every Lead is…

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Creating New Outcome Set PSS

Review this video if a program needs to create new learning (or success) outcomes for the assessment report plan in PSS. Learning Outcomes should match Program Learning Outcomes in the current Kent…

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Mission Statements in PSS Assessment Reports

How to add new or edit an existing mission statement. Catalog descriptions can be used as mission statements. If mission statements transferred from Taskstream AMS, please make sure they are current.

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Intro to Planning & Self Study (PSS) Assessment Platform

How to log in using Flashline, what a general user or "Lead" sees on the Home page and the annual report due date, September 30. Video created November 2023.

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